International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8th March 2017 celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. This years theme is #BeBoldForChange.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the local women of BS4 and BS3 who are ”bold for change’. We invited you to nominate women who are inspiring, bold and consistently promoting positive change – women that not only inspire you but a women that have and will continue to #BeBoldForChange.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a wonderful local woman
The names of all your nominations are now in the window of the shop! Come and see.
As well as having the full nomination here on our website, the South Bristol Voice are planning to publish some nominations, and we will be making our own booklet with all of them in too!

Here are the wonderful women you chose…
(we still have a few to add)

Jaya Chakrabarti
“As well as being a mum, company boss, tech geek, sometime singer and a sparker of many an interesting discussion on BS4 Connect, Jaya gives direct, hands-on, help to local homeless people (including opening up her business’s basement as a space to shower/do laundry) and is an active campaigner for local democratic engagement, better child protection, internet safety, women’s’ rights and human rights and against modern slavery.”

Bridget Holden
“Because she has helped the community and contributed to the community for many many years. She’s a very special kind of woman”

Rabia Zaheer
“By using the BS4 Connect and Totterdown FB groups to alert the community to a nasty racist attack on the mosque, Rabia helped to rally a magnificent show of local support. In addition, her cheery posts about the stall she and her sisters/niece run at the monthly local market – and their warm and friendly service – do a world of good in letting locals experience Muslim home cooking and encouraging community cohesion .”

Sally Jane Brett
“Young woman I’ve known since she started Hillcrest in 2001 at the same time as my son. Always been bright, dynamic and caring, working and fund raising for Nacoa from a young age. Sadly she’s had difficult times through bullying at school and more recently has gone through difficult times with her own mental health which she has been brave enough to share in her writing and poetry on line. She is a young woman whose life choices have had to be tempered for the moment in comparison with her peers but who is destined to shine even brighter when things are more settled for her. This is how she has been and continues to #BeBoldForChange.”

Babs Trowbridge
“This amazing woman is not only my mum and my best friend but she is a local legend to the bs3 community and further areas . She volunteers her own time on daily basis to visit the elderly and the lonely assisting them with whatever they need doing and sharing some of her bubbly Barbara charm. My mum is my role model , I aspire to be her . She is an amazing mother and one funky, funny and sensational Nannie too xxxxx”

Gaily Orr
“Gaily stepped in at very short notice and look over the running of the Art Trail and has done a tremendous job in her first year, worked long and hard to promote Totterdown and its artistic community on an entirely voluntary basis as well has having a full time job and a family. Her enthusiasm for art is very inspiring.”

Jo Pace
“For all her hard work running a wonderful independent shop and catering to the needs of all her diverse customers for over 20 years. Her great support of the local community, for example leading the project to improve and decorate Totterdown Square at Christmas.”

Hanni Pennelegion
… I am nominating Hanni as she has dealt/is dealing with cancer in the most robust way I have ever known! She has taken it all in her stride, remains incredibly practical and matter of fact & is somehow able to not seem too scared… She has seen Cancer as an opportunity to grab life by the cajones (balls!) and seen the positives in the opportunity to give up her job as a solicitor (a job she loves).”

Beks Vera Harhat
“Ever since I met Beks, she has continued to change my life and make it better. She is a tremendous woman who has a lot of love for everyone and everything. I think the world needs to change and embrace love and I feel Beks spreads that message. She is kind, lovely, beautiful, a leader, attentive, extremely good listener, passionate, an amazing soul and and even better friend. She is (to me) what #BeBoldForChange stands for. I have so much love for this lovely lady and always will.”

Rachel Langford
“Rachel Langford is a support worker for Mothers for Mothers. She has run a support group in Bedminster for 15 years for Mother and their Children who are affected by perinatal mental illness. Many local families have received amazing support from her over the last 15 years. She was inspired to start the group by her own experience of depression, loneliness and isolation after the birth of her children. She supported me and my family and I do not believe I would be here today without her.”

Leo Townsend
“She is amazing and through setting up the Duchess has been a trailblazer in changing the face of the Wells Road into a more lovely place 🙂 Also, she makes fantastic cakes! I will be sad when the Duchess goes but pleased that it happened cos I wouldn’t have met her otherwise. Leo is totally #boldforchange – look at how she took that bold step in setting up the first cafe on this part of the road and how she is embracing the next chapter and how she encourages those around her to progress and grow. Without Leo’s support and friendly ear (and great cake!) I would have been in an even darker place over the last year and that’s just who she is and how she is :)”

Emily Sinclair
“Emily had a vision as a young adult and has achieved so much in the short time she has been open. Both adults and children have the opportunity to explore so many crafts. She is an amazing young woman who has touched lives across Knowle”

Vera Fallacy
“This person does so much for both individuals and the whole community through her business and personally…inspiring us to recognise the goodness in others, ourselves and the world in spite of challenging times…our lives would be less without Vera”

Hanni Pennelegion
“She is simply fabulous! She has a moral compass, a true North star shining from within her! She will always do the right thing, be steady and ‘hold true’ to herself and her principles. She laughs and cries with equal commitment and is always the first to volunteer and the last to give up on helping those she cares for. She is gracious enough to be put up with all my faults and generous enough to let me call her a friend.
I loves her I do.
She also has cancer and approaches it with the verve and courage that I have seen her approach so many other challenges.”

Sarah Carr
“Sarah shows a depth of love and unassumingness that gives others a stronger sense of self. She doesn’t just talk about doing, she actually does – she sees people and shows them that she sees them – which is a rare thing!”