Flower Shop

The shop is unfortunately temporarily closed to the public. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries around funerals or special deliveries. There is also an online order form you can fill in using the link below either as a special order or you can also sign up to a regular flower delivery.

Make an order here is the link you need to order flowers for delivery, you can also tell us your flower story too if you wish. 

Delivery charges will be discussed during confirmation of order, they are free up to 1 mile. 1-4 miles £2, 4-8 miles £5. Our deliveries exclude Wednesday’s and Sunday’s

We always want our flowers to be fresh, seasonal, locally grown, or ethically sourced,and selected flowers. We also take a lot of care with our flowers, conditioning them well, and loving each of them. Vera doesn’t like to make an arrangement from flowers that have not been conditioned first, and won’t compromise freshness and quality, for you, this can mean AM slots are difficult (not impossible) to guarantee, and sometimes we just don’t have the stock for last minute orders. On the plus side every floral arrangement Vera makes is bespoke and will be made with love. Flowers are energy and energy is love.

Our fresh flower posies and occasional plants are often also available just up the road at Fox + West, Monday to Saturday.

Sign up for Regular Flower Deliveries. Either weekly, fortnightly or Monthly you can received regular flower deliveries, a unique surprise mix of seasonal flowers created by Vera or a selection of stems for you to arrange yourself delivered to your doorstep.

Email to make an initial inquiry about flowers for your event or occasion, send to flowers@floriographybyvera.co.uk.

When the Shop re-opens to the public here are some other things you can do:

Browse, explore and buy other Floriography treasures as well as local artists works and wares. 

Sit and feel safe for awhile- make a blessing in the blessing bowl, access our small reference library or just breathe in the environment. 

Buy vouchers for Floriography, local workshops and holistic therapy sessions.

Find out about and book events, workshops and flower readings with Floriography and The Healing Spaces.