The Healing Courtyard

What is the Totterdown Healing Courtyard?

We hope it can be … a healing hub to a lot of different people and so it will be lots of different things but always a place to perch awhile and to try out your wings safely. A place to fly from and return to when you need to. A place where we hope to help you fly and rest awhile in equal measure. A place where we hope for light but acknowledge the dark. A place you are valued and seen. The hope is that as people come to the courtyard the branches of this tree of life will be grown and shaped by us all. That it will be a place of people made by people. That you will safe and free to be you as long as you don’t intentionally disrespect or offend.  All opinions valued but do expect to be challenged.

Healing for us is about these things…  health, education, art, LOVE, independence, nature and GETTING TOGETHER…

It’s a mix of a fairytale secret garden and a healing garden… with a secret tent hideaway…. But with a good dose of realism. You’ll make it what it is to you… that’s the hope anyway.

Where is it?

Next to farrows fish and chip shop on the Wells road there is a lane. It’s down there. Behind 144 Wells Road by the steps to the women’s workshop…. X

Who is it? A collective of loving hearts, working minds and feeling souls that when they are together create,  do and be better human beings…This could be you too. Vera will tell you about the beauties involved at the core soon cause it makes me happy to talk about them.

Some events and opening times coming very soon.        Much flower love, Xxx