Vera & The Floriographers



Vera, whose home is Bristol, spent her early years living above her parents greengrocer and flower shop in St George. She worked there as a teenager, rebelled, went off to do her own things, to explore and experience life as much as she could- and after 15 years of working at a college Vera is back home.  Floriography by Vera Fallacy was started by Vera in 2014.

“My main passion is people, all kinds of people, and the magic of everyday life. Flowers are my medium for communication and creating connections, for making and telling stories, and for channeling all of the light and the dark that is us all. I believe that flowers have healing capacity, and if people are willing to share a bit of their story with me, I hope to create something in flowers that can fulfill their needs (and maybe even their desires).”

Why ‘Floriography by Vera Fallacy’?

“Floriography because it means the Victorian language of flowers- we are all about flower talk and letting the flowers talk, flower meanings – and well names are hard!

 Vera Fallacy is my way of encompassing all the love and blessings; all the faith that makes this little flower shop, it’s me and my special people all summed up in that. I hoped it might make a few people smile. I don’t take myself that seriously I just like to fuss around a bit.  Oh, and for the record you can call me Vera or Beks X”