The Garden

At the front of the little flower shop is a little garden area where there are some plants and herbs available to purchase. We also have some plants for inside gardens. The range will change with seasons and we will be thinking about what is needed to keep some colour and texture through the autumn and winter seasons. If you would like something specific then you can ask us to see if we can get it.

We get our plants and herbs from a range of places, some are grown at home, locally and some from further away. We also have a basement and some garden space for stuff that could help you love your gardens. We are not garden experts but we do love gardens and we are always prepared to learn. If we can help please ask and if we don’t know we could help out find. At Floriography by Vera Fallacy there is a little reference library for us and for you.

Here are some examples of things The Garden is home to… 

Stuff for planting compost, sand, gravel and bark sold in small amounts for your convenience. You can bring your own means of carrying, or we can lend you a bucket with a handle. You could bring your plant/s to us, and we will pot them for you.

♥ Stuff to help you tend to, learn about and love your plants – we currently have a small stock of  plant and flower food.  From time to time we have some practical bits and bobs, just ask for what you are looking for – if we don’t have it now, we can always look for you. We have some flower and plant books for sale, and we have a small reference library that you are welcome to use. We also like to learn, so please share with us too!

♥ Stuff to put your plants in – We have a changing and unique collection of pots of different shapes and sizes. You can choose a pot and a plant and we can pot it here, or you might want to choose one of our already potted plants, or you might just want a pot. We also have a few hanging baskets and some more unusual items, ideas and inspiration for homing your plants!

 Stuff to grow –  We have a changing collection of plants and herbs. for your inside and outside gardens. We would like to get in a small selection of bulbs and seeds but we would like you to help us do this. So we are asking – what things do you want or like to grow? You can tell us on our contact page, Facebook or pop in and tell us.