The Loved Floral Stuff

At Floriography by Vera Fallacy we love floral stuff 
Most things in the little flower shop are for sale. There are only a few very special things that Vera is not ready to part with. 

We have a changing mix of loved floral stuff at affordable prices that we hope will encourage you to come and see us regularly. We don’t want to be a novelty shop, we want to see your faces more than once! Sometimes little and often is better than a one off extravagance – isn’t it?

This changing mix of loved floral stuff includes;  vases, tins, pots, dishes, cups, pictures, prints, books, cards, lavender bags, bookmarks, flower presses, teapots…                                …getting the gist?!

Every bit of stuff in the shop is chosen and  loved by us. Although we are always tempted to buy more, we are careful not to have too much stuff that we cant love it properly, and you can’t find what you want or need. If we don’t have that special something for you to love, please ask and we will try to track it down for you. Or you can pop in on another day and see what new treasures we have.

We source our stuff from a variety of places and most things in the shop are one of a kind – but if we really like something (or you show us you really like something) we can try to get more.