Flowers for Every Day

Vera picks seasonal flowery friends from the market most days, so there will always be a different sensory experience for you. We also get deliveries of very locally grown flowers from Pipley Flowers,  Floriferous and Pretty Wild. One of Vera’s aims is to have a small selection of flowers and foliage that has been grown within a 1 mile radius of the shop, by working with the local community and all people to think about environment and community through their garden flowers and wildlife. We encourage flowers to be a part of your everyday life.

We usually have a selection of  unique ‘ready to go’ flower gatherings, from £4, available every day in the shop. These are individual and made by Vera or one of the floriography bunch using a mix of seasonal flowers. Each ready to go bunch will be made with unique qualities, so if you are looking for something particular (scent, longevity, dramatic impact etc), let us know.  We can take orders for any special  or specific flower gatherings, made by Vera,  which can be picked up or delivered later on that day, or on a day you choose. You can also get amid the flowers pick your own stems from the selection in the shop to take away and create your own arrangements and flower stories…

We can deliver across Bristol Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm
You can request a flower order for collection or delivery online, using our form, just click here.
We also offer a regular flower delivery service, straight to your door! Find out more
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