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‘Love days’ …. A celebration and the sharing of two people’s love (weddings, civil partnerships, blessings, magical ceremonies of love… whatever it is to you). We are excited by ‘love days’, flowers, and people of all kinds.

As every ‘love day’ is unique we do not offer any set packages. However we do appreciate that you have a lot to do and it is helpful to have some guidance, inspiration, an idea of what we are about and some price ranges as a starting point….

If you are interested in having flowers from us for your special day, please complete our ‘Love Day Contact Form’ to help get us started…

Just so you know – Once you have submitted the form we will get back to you by your preferred method of contact. At this point we will be able to confirm whether we have your date available, and arrange a time to meet with you for a face to face consultation with Vera to talk through ideas.

View our Love Days Gallery for inspiration

We can do as much or as little flower related and connected stuff as you would like us to do for your ‘love days’. We will offer a free no obligation consultation (consultation can be tea, share, show and chat) that would be followed up with a quote for work discussed; and then you decide.  All flower work is important to us; we want to make sure that we can do our best for you whether it’s meters of ribbon, a few jars, a simple buttonhole, an elaborate wired arrangement or extravagant floral venue designs. If you do decide to book your ‘love day’ flowers with us then from that point on you can be involved as much as you would like.  If you are trying to do a DIY wedding (we like these) and can’t quite manage it all- we will do the bits you decide you need some help with.

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Resources to download:

Love Day Contact Form (Online Form)
Love Day Price Guide 2016


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