Floriography by Vera Fallacy is a flower family that believe flowers tell the best stories,  and are the most beautiful healers and connectors of people. Our aim is to explore and create moments and memories, to capture the immeasurable and the unholdable, to try and make the magic in us all come to life by keeping flowers at the very heart of all we do. 

Vera & The Floriographers are inspired by the changing seasons, and by all the possibilities, shapes, shades and spectrums that exist in this world. We create flower stories for all moments, possibilities, adventures and memories.

Beautiful souls,

A Covid-19 update… 

So, things are very different right now, it’s all a little bit surreal, deeply emotional and at the same time so very real. And really quite scary for everyone. We are scared too. The shop is shut for the foreseeable future but the flower power is still in full heart flow. 

We must stay safe but we must not be driven by fear only, but that’s such a difficult balance when the impact is so catastrophic for so many people across the world, in so many different ways. 

The one thing we know is that we are not alone in this. The world has an opportunity to come together, even if we have to stay apart. And we believe flowers can still help with this. 

As flowers are my medium of communication and healing, and are at the core of everything Floriography is, there must be a way to adapt and bring the flower power in this crisis. Flowers are energy and energy is love. That’s the absolute belief. 

In order to try and help flatten the coronavirus curve, continue to bring you healing, love filled flowers and keep being who we are, we will be doing things in new ways. Things could still change so look out for updates, and who knows what will happen next. If you have any questions then feel free to ask, I love to share and talk. 

We would really appreciate your support, if you feel you have any room for that too. Xx 

So, here is how we are going to try things,

❤️ Contactless ordering, and contactless deliveries available from Monday to Sat 8.30am to 8pm. You can arrange orders by filling in the online order form available at www.floriographybyvera.co.uk, and we will come back to you to arrange this, call us on 01173292720 or 07988725999, or email us at flowers@floriographybyvera.co.uk. You can make queries by Facebook and Instagram but please note the first three avenues are usually the best ways to contact us quickly. Stocks and supplies will be limited and we may not be able to do what you request… but we will try, or tell you why not if we can’t. 

❤️ Deliveries across Bristol. We will arrange to leave them on the doorstep, or near by and message or call on leaving them. 

❤️Regular flower deliveries available across Bristol. 

You can fill in the online order form which can be found at https://floriographybyvera.co.uk/what-we-do/regular-flower-delivery/ and we will get in touch by phone or email if preferred, to discuss options with you. Again we will leave these in an agreed place, and text or phone to say they are there. 

❤️ We will where possible keep the flower power station at www.foxandwest.co.uk https://m.facebook.com/foxandwest172 stocked. We will do this as long as it is safe and possible due to supplies for staff at Fox and West, you and us. This will hopefully mean that whilst you shop safely and responsibly for groceries, you can if you wish get some flower love. 

❤️ We will be making all efforts and following all measures to keep us and you safe. We will be cleaning down regularly, getting direct from local growers so interactions with our flowers will be minimal at our end and very measurable, using gloves where appropriate, and keeping interactions contact free. We will if we feel there is any danger for anyone halt all services as well as shit the shop. 

❤️ I will be doing some blogging, some sharing and talking with you through other means. More to come with this so keep in touch… let’s stay connected through flowers. 

All the love, vera xxx



Way ahead of your average flower shop or florist. Truly individual, uniquely lovely creations. So glad we have Floriography in Totterdown – it makes me smile 🙂

Carolyn Jones

I live in Cornwall but visit Vera’s shop when I am in Bristol. She is so kind and helpful, and her love for flowers infectious. The care she puts into choosing and arranging posies and bouquets results in a a gift that is absolutely lovely – none of the horrid dyed blooms on show at supermarkets. I can most truly recommend Floriography.
Thanks, Kathy

Kathleen Merrett