Flowers are Energy, Energy is Love

Delivering the Flower Love across Bristol and Beyond. Our Seasonal, Healing Flowers are curated and arranged uniquely every time to reflect the individual flower story. We think flowers are for all moments and occasions, life and death and everything in-between. We can provide flowers for all of it – every day love, self treats, special occasions, weddings and funerals.

Vera – Curator
Holly – Managing Director

Floriography by Vera Fallacy is a flower family that send out flower love and healing from our magical floral studio based at 154 Wells Road in Totterdown

Floriography” is the Victorian language of flowers, here at Floriography, we believe flowers speak a universal language that can reach everyone and everywhere. Flowers can touch all hearts. All of our floral arrangements including all of our bouquets available to order online by clicking the link Make an Order are unique with not any arrangement being the same. Each bouquet is made with different energy, love and with a different story. We encourage you to tell us what you want your bouquet to say, the more we have the more personal the final arrangement.

We are inspired by the changing seasons, and by all possibilities, shapes, shades and spectrum’s that exist in this world. We create flower stories for all moments, adventures and memories. We use seasonal either locally or ethically sourced flowers. We love the natural, wild and romantic approach to design. Check out Order Our Flower Magic page to find out more about our flowers and prices .

All the flower love from Floriography x

Our flowers are fresh and seasonal. We pride ourselves on ensuring they are locally grown and or ethically sourced. We also take a lot of care with our flowers, conditioning them well, and loving each of them.

Way ahead of your average flower shop or florist. Truly individual, uniquely lovely creations. So glad we have Floriography in Totterdown – it makes me smile 🙂

Carolyn Jones

I live in Cornwall but visit Vera’s shop when I am in Bristol. She is so kind and helpful, and her love for flowers infectious. The care she puts into choosing and arranging posies and bouquets results in a a gift that is absolutely lovely – none of the horrid dyed blooms on show at supermarkets. I can most truly recommend Floriography.
Thanks, Kathy

Kathleen Merrett