Floriography by Vera Fallacy is a flower family that believe flowers tell the best stories,  and are the most beautiful healers and connectors of people. Our aim is to explore and create moments and memories, to capture the immeasurable and the unholdable, to try and make the magic in us all come to life by keeping flowers at the very heart of all we do. 

Vera & The Floriographers are inspired by the changing seasons, and by all the possibilities, shapes, shades and spectrums that exist in this world. We create flower stories for all moments, possibilities, adventures and memories.



Way ahead of your average flower shop or florist. Truly individual, uniquely lovely creations. So glad we have Floriography in Totterdown – it makes me smile 🙂

Carolyn Jones

I live in Cornwall but visit Vera’s shop when I am in Bristol. She is so kind and helpful, and her love for flowers infectious. The care she puts into choosing and arranging posies and bouquets results in a a gift that is absolutely lovely – none of the horrid dyed blooms on show at supermarkets. I can most truly recommend Floriography.
Thanks, Kathy

Kathleen Merrett