An important ‘Flower Power’ update full of Love, Hope and Action . We will continue to spread the Flower Love. We just can’t stop trying. ❤️ Flowers are Energy – Energy is Love ❤️

❤️ Although the shop will remain closed to the general public until at least late October, our flower delivery service excluding Wednesday’s and Sunday’s will keep running. This may change again, as everything is very volatile, but our aim is to keep the shop full of flower energy and the flower love coming to you. 

We are still offering free delivery within a mile, for our local community. There are two ways to place an order:

❤️ Online order form https://floriographybyvera.co.uk/what-we-do/make-an-order/, or you can use our regular flower delivery form https://floriographybyvera.co.uk/what-we-do/regular-flower-delivery/ if you wish to get regular flowers from us. 

❤️ Order by phoning 01173292720 do leave messages if we don’t get to the phone. 

❤️ For services/ceremonies of love, life and loss, vera creates bespoke floral arrangements, please contact flowers@floriographybyvera.co.uk, or use above numbers to talk to us. 

It is best if you can order in advance, then we can keep on the supplies,  it’s quality, and make sure each bespoke floral arrangement is full of all the love, healing and protection it can be. Remember, we are a very small team of love, so can’t always get straight back to you, or do it all even though we would really like to. 

❤️ For reviews, what we are about and stand for, Vera’s arrangements, and Floriography flowers do take a look at Instagram https://www.instagram.com/floriographybyvera/?hl=en and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/floriographybyvera?fref=ts. 

These will focus on some of the other artists/creators work we usually have in the shop, as well as plants/ flowers/ healing packages. These are so we can all celebrate nature and creativity. We want to keep connecting with you. We need that. 

❤️1:1’s, healing workshops, flower readings, flowery consultations, and small workshops/rituals will hopefully happen from July onwards. More information to come. 

❤️We will be opening up a project to all, with the Totterdown Young Persons Collective called ‘In Your Hands’, you can join us on a magical journey of hands, and the stories they tell. To find out more you can join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1159216297753682/

❤️ We love you, and we see you. We won’t get it all right, we don’t know what’s right for everyone else, but what we know is that Floriography is about a pocket of something that speaks of love, that wants to and tries to act of love. To be of light and dark, to be real, to be open eyed, minded and hearted.  And right now more than ever the flower energy is the strongest way, we can think to keep connecting our souls, and to keep standing for what we believe in. To not compromise. To speak up. To adapt but resist.  To learn from this, and to remember all people, as we move into very difficult times ahead. This is the beginning of what is to be a long journey of much hardship for many people, and we just want to stay awake and to give love through flowers where we can. All the love blessings, from us xxxxx


Way ahead of your average flower shop or florist. Truly individual, uniquely lovely creations. So glad we have Floriography in Totterdown – it makes me smile 🙂

Carolyn Jones

I live in Cornwall but visit Vera’s shop when I am in Bristol. She is so kind and helpful, and her love for flowers infectious. The care she puts into choosing and arranging posies and bouquets results in a a gift that is absolutely lovely – none of the horrid dyed blooms on show at supermarkets. I can most truly recommend Floriography.
Thanks, Kathy

Kathleen Merrett