Funeral Flowers

Or as we like to call them…. Life Ceremonies

Examples of Life Ceremonies to us are:

Funerals, Remembrance Services, Memorials, Tributes, Goodbyes, Farewells, Blessings, End of life gatherings, Wakes.

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The difference between love and life ceremonies are that the person/s the flowers are being made for are here with us on Earth if it’s a love ceremony, and that they are not here with us physically on earth if it’s a life ceremony. This doesn’t mean there is any less love in a life ceremony, in fact it is often these times when all the extremes of love are intensely felt. Where we have to talk about death, grief and loss and face ourselves. For this reason they require different energy, grounding and centering when making the floral arrangements, and for that reason Vera likes to separate them. You are always welcome to ask more questions about this.


We actually love flowers, and believe flowers will hold all the healing and love that sometimes no-one has the words for. Flowers are Energy -Energy is Love. Below are some photos so you can get a feeling for the types of pieces and curation we have designed and created.

We design and arrange bespoke floral arrangements for all the ceremonies of life, and death, and everything in between. We do not follow any religion but we are spiritual. Every floral piece we arrange, every floral installation we curate and bring together, is seen as a ritual to us. We are creating a flower shrine- an energy shrine, whether that be floral creations over several spaces ranging from hanging hoops, to flowing garlands, or a delicate, yet abundant bouquet to be held to celebrate your love, or a simple, yet layered floral circle of life that sits upon a coffin.

Funeral Flowers / Funeral Flower Arrangements