There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about

Margaret J Wheatley

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Helen Keller

Poetry Nights at Floriography

Words from the Heart – Every Thursday 7.30pm-8.30pm

We would like to welcome you to come along to Floriography for a weekly evening of poetry and prose. Come and be in the space and share some words, either in the form of something you have written or a piece of writing that has captured you, the purpose here is to encourage voice and connection and to share a little from our minds and our hearts. 

Everybody is welcome and all offerings are welcome. Sometimes we may pick a theme, however you have full freedom to express what you need to or would like to. We’d like to encourage you to express, listen, to explore ourselves and connect with others. We have the perfect cosy, safe and comfy environment and would love to share that with you all. Just to note, you absolutely do not have to share if you don’t want to. You can come along just to listen and be together, no pressure at all.

Zone A

You might have sat and eaten chips there and looked over the city to the beautiful Bristol skyline. You might have walked your dog, or sat on its bench, or just walked through or past it on your way to town or up the hill… Or, if you have been in Totterdown a while, you remember this for a lot, lot more…  However you have connected this with this space, the likelihood is you have probably been there in some way or other… But perhaps you didn’t know that, if you live in Totterdown, this space belongs to your community…

Zone A is the little green space by the bus stop on Wells road between ‘lower and upper Totterdown’ Before it was a ‘space’ it was part of the busy high street of Wells Road which was tragically torn apart after the demolitions to build a road that was never built in the 1970’s. After the massive community destruction caused by “the road that was never built”, the space was taken on by an organisation that was formed to protect the land called TACA (Totterdown Community Association) This meant that it belonged to the community of Totterdown, not the council or any private organisation.

In the past, people came to community events on Zone A and some reading this might even remember going to a music festival or two… Then over recent years Zone A has mostly been used informally, with people from the local community and beyond spending times there or just enjoying the views. But there have also been celebrations and events held there and the TRESA group (Totterdown Residents Environmental and Social Action) have been those people who consistently and actively care for the land, planting and tending to it, and making sure it stays clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

Article from Feb 2022 addition of the Talk of Totterdown

But not enough people are using it.  Times are changing and you only have to look around to see how much land is being built on… Whilst the land is in the custody of the people, it is not being used enough and it needs to be kept safe. It’s that cliché “If you don’t use it, you lose it” More importantly, we feel it could be grown – that it needs to feel more accessible to all of the different people who live in the area – to spend time, come together and connect. Totterdown has no real central community ‘centre’ so we need to make the most of all of our spaces and strengthen that connecting area of Zone A so it really is One beautiful Totterdown. In order to continue the work of TACA, and most recently TRESA, and further protect and nurture Zone A for use by the community, there have and will be some changes. We want you to all be involved. In short TACA has been reformed for the sole purposes of doing this. There wasn’t any other way that was viable.

The first step is to start open dialogues, make some things happen and cover some necessary legal stuff to keep it safe. 

We are looking for you to become members of the Zone A Community, and we want you all to be part of it. First mission is to raise funds to insure Zone A, as well its land trustees and then we are on our way slowly but surely.

If you would like to find out more / be involved you can

  • Join Zone A Community on Facebook
  • Learn about / suggest upcoming projects and events run by us or by you!
  • Donate to TACA for them to be able to insure the land for another year and make things happen on the land 
  • Become a member of TACA 
  • Come along to TACA’s next public meeting – everyone welcome, details can be found in our events calendar

You can find out more by contacting…

Vera (chair) – or pop into Floriography and have a chat

John (vice chair) – 

Alice (secretary) –