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All flowers and creations with flowers here are inspired by the natural patterns of Earth and Nature which are guided by the elements of the Moon & Sun.

We are sharing the opportunity to use the moon and its healing powers by offering more than flowers to you in a healing pack bundle. This is a great introduction for those who would like to feel more connected to or ready to explore their relationship with nature. You may even already have a spiritual connection with nature but would like to feel more guided. We do not follow a particular religion here, we are spiritual but agree that this works for multi faiths. If you are already receiving regular flowers from us , this might be a lovely way to expand on what we have to offer here at Floriography and what you have already been receiving from us.

Lunar Healing Pack Subscription is £25 per month; what you will receive will be bespoke to you and different each month. If you want a specific blessing from Vera for your bundle, you can send Vera some words, feelings, emotions or intentions via email prior to receiving the Pack. This subscription can be for yourself or bought as a gift for someone else. Below is a list of what you will receive:

  • Healing Flower Bundle
  • 1 Gift of Vera’s choice
  • An explanation to the moon of the month
  • An example of a ritual you can do if you wish
  • Personalised words from Vera
  • Zoom link (optional) to join Vera on Full Moon evening for Blessings/Poetry
  • Delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours of the full moon
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