Vera’s Healing Packages

Tell Vera a little from your heart your truth/intention for the receiver whether it is for yourself or someone else. Your energy and the flower energy will guide Vera to put together a unique package using natural products.

These packages could be for healing, protection, love, strength, encouragement, gratitude, uplifting, grounding or for remembrance, cleansing, celebrating, blessing and hoping.

All packages come with a list of flower meanings and healing properties. Please see examples of packages below and click here Make an Order Healing Packages to create your order

£20 Healing Packages

  • An £8.50 bunch
    • A Margaret May soap
  • A choice of:
    • Incense sticks
    • Healing dried flower pouch

£30 Healing Packages

  • A £15 bunch
  • A choice of:
    • Soul scent perfumery pulse point
    • Margaret May body butter, deodorant or soap
  • A choice of:
    • Incense sticks
    • A healing dried flower pouch

£45 Healing Packages

  • A £25 bunch
  • A soul scent perfumery pulse point
  • A Margaret May soap/butter
  • A pack of incense sticks
  • A dried healing flower pouch


or a Vera’s Special – £50 or Over

Soul Scent perfumery

Handmade natural products using incredible essential oil scents

Margaret May

Artisan bath and Beauty products