Vera’s Healing Packages

Tell Vera a little from your heart your truth/intention for the receiver whether it is for yourself or someone else. Your energy and the flower energy will guide Vera to put together a unique package using natural products. You can chose between a Healing Package and a Spiritual Package

Winter Heart Warmer £35

An Evergreen festive bundle, oil burner, 2 x oils & warming pouch of pot pourri

Spirituali-Tea Package £25

A mix of Dry and Fresh flowers along with 2 x Healing Tea bags and a beautiful Tea Light Holder and candle

(picture just an example, all packs are unique and individually made based on the flower story)

These packages could be for healing, protection, love, strength, encouragement, gratitude, uplifting, grounding or for remembrance, cleansing, celebrating, blessing and hoping.

All packages come with a list of flower meanings and healing properties. Please see examples of Healing packages below and click here Make an Order Packages to create your order

£25 Healing Packages

  • Healing flowers
    • A Margaret May soap
  • A choice of:
    • Incense sticks
    • Healing dried flower pouch

£30 Healing Packages

  • Healing flowers
  • A choice of:
    • Soul scent perfumery pulse point
    • Margaret May body butter, deodorant or soap
  • A choice of:
    • Incense sticks
    • A healing dried flower pouch

£45 Healing Packages

  • Healing flowers
  • A soul scent perfumery pulse point
  • A Margaret May soap/butter
  • A pack of incense sticks
  • A dried healing flower pouch


or a Vera’s Special – £50 or Over

Soul Scent perfumery

Handmade natural products using incredible essential oil scents

Margaret May

Artisan bath and Beauty products