Vera’s Healing

We have an extensive choice of products to choose from sourced locally from Amphora Aromatics & Margaret May. The full selection and details can be found using the “Browse & Order Here” button, this order form will help guide and shape your order tailored to your intentions.

We will always call to discuss and confirm your order so if you have any questions, please submit it and we can discuss over the phone before taking payment from you.

If you wish to order flowers as well there is a separate order form but you will only be asked to fill in your details for collection / delivery once on the flower form.

Living is about capturing the essence of things. I believe we should allow things in our lives which make our hearts sing, feed our souls, and nourish us on a daily basis ~ Vera

Although we will not open as a regular flower shop we believe it is really important to share our energy vessel, and healing space with you, so you can connect with nature, yourself and others.

It’s a space where you can be you- as long as you respect others there are no judgements, it’s an opportunity to step out of the rat race, a pocket of something different. You can light a candle in the blessing bowl, do a bit of craft, or work, read a book, just sit and enjoy the flowers and the treasures of the heart.

We are open as a healing space, so you can share in the flower energy at the following times:

Mondays & Thursdays 1-3pm.

Please enjoy the space and be yourself but also respect others.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks and consume a snack. To read books, light candles for the blessing bowl and interact with things around you just be mindful of others and yourself. 

Please note flowers are not available to buy during these times, you can however make enquiries and collect pre ordered bunches. All our flowers are made to order for collection by arrangement, or delivery. 

  • If able please wear a face covering.
  • Only four visitors at one time.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Try and keep distance from others.
  • Don’t be offended if we clean what has been touched.
  • Take guidance from who is supervising the space.
  • If able please wear a face covering.
  • Only four visitors at one time.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Try and keep distance from others.
  • Don’t be offended if we clean what has been touched.
  • Take guidance from who is supervising the space.

~ Pure Essential Oils & Blends 10ml ~

Essential Oils £3.50 – £6.50 are naturally extracted from the flowers, seeds, fruit, leaves or bark of the plant. The oil usually retains the fragrance of the original plant material, but is more intense.
Recommended use: For a traditional oil burner, in the bath, on a pillow, or piece of fabric/tissue that you carry around.

Full list and prices can be found on the order form

Aromatherapy Blends £7.50 to suit your mood, help boost well-being or create a natural room fragrance

  • Revive (uplifting)
  • Energise (stimulating)
  • Relax (calming)
  • Sleep (comforting)

We also have a range of Oil Burners :

  • Ceramic Oil Burner £7
  • Metal Traditional Oil Burner £15

I believe that for every illness or element known to humans there is a plant that will heal it. We just need to keep exploring and discovering the properties of natural healing ~ Vera

~ Bath Oil & Massage Oil 100ml ~

Using Sweet Almond Oil as the base, each bath oil has been carefully blended to create a range which offers a solution for most every day requirements. £6 each or 2 for £11

Bath Oils

  • Relaxing – Lavender, Chamomile Roman and Melissa
  • Pure Pleasure – Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Australian Sandalwood
  • Sensuous – Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli
  • PMT – Lavender, Clary Sage and Neroli Absolute
  • Invigorating – Basil, Geranium and Rosemary
  • Muscle & Joint – Camphor, Black Pepper and Eucalyptus

Massage Oils

  • Muscle & Joint – Camphor, Black Pepper and Eucalyptus
  • Relaxing – Lavender, Chamomile Roman and Melissa
  • Invigorating – Basil, Geranium and Rosemary
  • PMT – Lavender, Clary Sage and Neroli Absolute

I believe we have the innate ability to heal ourselves. To empower ourselves with natural solutions instead of succumbing to life altering chemicals. ~ Vera

~ Skin Care ~

Our extensive range of Aromatherapy creams are made with pure essential oils and herbal extracts. They are designed to harness the power of natures ingredients to give your skin the treatment it deserves. They are free of parabens and suitable for all skin types.

This beautiful range of Body creams, Hand creams & Clay can be found on the order form. We recommend a Margaret May soap to accompany any of these products. Price range £4.50 – £10

~ Margaret May –

A very popular local handmade selection of soaps, body butters and deodorants. All the products are rich in Coconut oil and added vitamin E.

This is a range of products that moisturise and nourish, and the selection of delicate essential oils is designed to suit and enhance all moods and personalities.

On the flower order form we have a special offer on a Margaret May soap and an Almond & Sandalwood Hand Cream for just £8

~ Candles & Incense ~

We have a selection of incense at £2 a box

To accompany them are local handmade holders, these can be made to order and personalised making a great gift at £3.50 each or £5 for the incense and holder together

To inhale I believe is to capture and to hold experiences, we are all made up of scents and feeling! ~ Vera

Our essential oil candles range from £4 – £9

I think their are very few things as beautiful as the light of the candle, and the scent of it’s heart ~ Vera

~ Vera’s Brews, Bits & Blends ~

Tell us your story and Vera will create either a blend drinkable blend for diffusing , or a pouch that can be used in baths / soaks or heated in a microwave. We also have natural confetti.
Prices vary depending on quantities, this can be discussed when confirming order. Starting price 50p

One of our most popular Healing Packs is called the “Spirituali-Tea” £30 Flowery bundle, Tea light holder & Tea light, 2 x Tea bags made by Vera, if you would like to order this please click here

The Aromatherapy 10ml roll-ons are carefully formulated blends designed to ease, soothe and enhance your sense of wellbeing.
Amphora roll-ons are presented in attractive and robust glass bottles with a roller ball for effective use. £4.50 each

  • Lavender ~ A lovely soothing roll on which is great to keep handy for those stressful moments
  • Muscle & Joint ~ Stimulating, invigorating, warming and soothing. A great rub to use on sore muscles and joints

  • Himalayan Pink Salt Pouch £2
  • Flower Pouch £1.50

Full of approx. 80 different minerals. It contains some really key minerals for balancing fluids and body strength like Magnesium and Calcium. It can be used to calm and soothe physically and emotionally. It’s been used throughout many centuries as relief from dry and irritated skin, and a busy scrambled mind. A magical salt from the Earth with many uses.