Christmas, Wreaths and Yuletide Offerings

Unfortunately we cannot accept anymore orders for arrangements for Collection or delivery until the 30th and 31st Dec with limited availability on those dates, full service then resumes on the 4th January. Please explore the website and Order form for other gift offering we have which we can deliver up until the 24th December if you get those orders in quick ! apologies if this isn’t quite what you are hoping for. We cannot thank everyone enough for our overwhelming amount of orders received. Bleesings to you all..

“There is no better time than Winter, to bring nature inside the heart and the home”.

“It reminds me of the growth that goes on even in the dark, I like to put their light into darker times and use their amazing energy to live by. I like to see Flowers, herbs, greenery reminding me of the eternal life cycle, life and death, and most importantly of love, and of hope. They help me to feel warmer and safer. I think we all need some of the winter flowers power to keep us balanced”.


Vera’s bespoke Circles of Hope can be hand delivered all across Bristol, or posted across UK. Options for this can be found on the online order form

  • Medium £40 10-12 inch
  • Large £48 12-14 inch
  • Boxed & Gift Wrapped £2.50

These are available all year round using seasonal flowers

Whether you are looking for a gift or something for yourself we have many ways of putting together Flowers at this time of year to remind us of what has been in the light, and prepares us for the darker days… they make the heart feel cosy. . . Explore here some examples of what can be made, all pieces created by Vera are bespoke. to help guide you through your order please use this link Make a Yuletide order for our order form, we can talk through the order over the phone once form submitted and answer any further questions you might have.

  • A baby Circle of Hope with a candle and candle holder – £30
  • A Winter full garland / table runner – £20 (per meter)
  • A small arrangement in a flat glass bowl – £20
  • A Winter full arrangement in stemmed glass bowl with tapper candle – £25