Committing to blogging is hard

I have written a load of bits and bobs- always sprawling words, often with some intention of sharing but I don’t for a whole host of reasons- I might blog about those reasons another time, I might not.  Pressing ‘publish’ is hard. I don’t even know if it’s necessary but I feel the need to try it so I am. I fear the fear will set in but ‘life is a ride to be enjoyed’- that is what I think most of the time.

The ride on one late June evening….Alice Stubbs, Amber Williams, Beks Vera Fallacy, Hollie, Smudge, Missy & Star.

Cutting grass, I love to cut grass. I don’t like others cutting my grass. I hate straight line grass cutting. Cutting grass, weeding and watering that’s where we started- at the basics, and the core of it. When doing these tasks you get to see what is new, what is happening and how things have changed. You get to take it all in – enjoy it, and feel like you are achieving things. Achieving things is important to me – it’s so easy to see a day go by and feel like I haven’t achieved anything. Simple things.

Cutting back that beautiful mallow. Amber had this role. Mallows are a favourite. Mallows mark a place of ‘home’. The word ‘home’ is a curious word- that sits in me- always wanting to create a little ‘home’ for people. ..’nesting’… trying to create little nests, havens…. like the Mallow.

Starting at the core allows time for ‘loving’, and when you get time for ‘loving’ then you feel like letting things go places. Amber got her camera out, Alice made good tea and tried to feed and clean our mini farm and I made a posy all from the garden. We got playing and exploring in all that light and colour.

We didn’t want to stop so when we went inside we carried on a little more- putting different bits of home with flowers, letting flowers make different homes.

We played with the flowers and they let us- like little fairies they got on board the ride… or did they carry us there. Who knows?! It was fun though. Then we watched Eastenders….. love it!

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