Why I have to tell you about Valentines ordering now…

I want and intend to give you the best quality alternative choice of flowers at the best prices we can. Everything that could be connected to Valentines day will be will  be and at much higher prices – I will have to work harder to make sure that I research and order in advance to guarantee that I get access to the best stock at the best prices. I am not a big time buyer and even British stock and this time of year gets sent else where and so the little people need to work a bit harder to secure beautiful flowers and not compromise values of what it is all about especially here at Floriography.

As it gets closer to Valentines prices increase and the quality decreases- they rely on you ordering late, requesting the traditional rose bouquet and me selling you that and buying their sad and high priced stock and so the cycle continues.I don’t want to stay in this cycle and if you are going to make Valentines a thing then why not spend a little more time thinking about it. Why not make it about the love- the message you want to give someone- don’t these things take a little time. Don’t they deserve a little time?! So if you order by Saturday the 4th Feb it will be cheaper and you get more for your money- it just will be that way. I don’t make it so. It is so and I am sharing this with you. I also promote more days thinking and being ‘love’.

If you don’t go for the classic red rose, or even just classically romantic colours then it probably will also increase the quality of the flowers- and if you go for what the receiver loves then this is usually better anyway. Create your flower story- say what you want to say to them.  A single red rose growing in dappled light- that I will happily include in your love story.

Also we are a small little business family and this helps keeps prices down. If I was to cover seasonal demand with more staff we would not survive and I want to be creating most of these flower stories with friends (business and friendship can mix very well). If you tell me what you want i can plan and give things the love they deserve – We can achieve a lot with really tight planning in this little creative hub!

I also will be giving you some ideas that can last a little longer than just that day. I shall do that with a few less words so it’s a bit clearer cause sometimes i just say too much. Night x