Important Update from the Heart June 2020

Many of you are aware that non essential shops can open again next week, as long as they follow a set of guidelines and government set legislation. After a lot of feeling, thinking, and reflecting together, we won’t be opening Floriography as a walk in shop. It doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel like that makes sense to reopen as a ‘shop’, this isn’t all over and won’t be for some time, and for us it’s highlighted so much about society that we do not want to engage with, or propel. 

We are not prepared to forget what has happened and drive forward in a way, that only thinks of economy. This is a social crisis marathon, and we have signed up with our hearts to be in it for the long haul, to keep finding ways to be about the flower love and the fight for equality. We aren’t going to be driven by this government, and we are not going to sacrifice the lives of many so we can just get on with what we do. We are going to make changes, adapt and resist being part of an economy driven society. We do what we do cause we love it. We love people. We want equality and we need time, energy and some money to make sure we do not compromise our beliefs. We are going to keep that flower love and energy coming at you. 

 We are going to continue using the beautiful 154 Wells Road as our flower studio/ flower heart and keep spreading the flower love in the community, and all across Bristol from there. We are doing this six days of the week, it’s free delivery within a mile, and you can order our seasonal healing bouquets or a selection of stems chosen by us to be creative with yourself online Make an Order, by phone, or by visiting Floriography and outside you will find order forms that you can fill in and put through letterbox (pigeonhole coming soon).

The website has and continues to be updated and improved (thank you Emma), remember we do things very organically, always learning as we go, and always want your feedback. We would love it if you would check out our website and give it a share if you like it, and our flower love.

In time, there will be options of greeting cards, natural products,healing and gift add ons, if you would like anything in the meantime just get in touch.  I will also be getting back to blogging. I have a lot to say, and I hope we can find ways of sharing and interacting. 

We plan to continue with events for the community, celebrations of nature, workshops, little gatherings,  and healing in the future, as we work out what is safe but what is needed for well-being and connection too. We very much intend to bring you all the flower love and energy, in fact more, and at grassroots level where it really matters. 

We will put a little selection of our flowers and plants at the lush Fox and West flower power station. 

We have been loving being able to bring you even more flower love through the flowers. It has in fact meant deeper connection and more focus on the communication and healing qualities of flowers for us but for you too. It means I am able to create more intensely and passionately which I love, and it means we as a little flower family have the potential to send and give time, support and energy to the people and things we really believe in. I will for example be out and about more, and in and around the community. I plan to invite you to join me on zone A, or at Arnos Vale for social distanced tea drinking from flasks and chats about flowers, life and death and everything in-between. I hope we will be able to bring you things as a community, that we haven’t quite got to or got lost in the running of a ‘shop’, come on guys a ‘shop’ isn’t me…. It doesn’t even fit in my heart like that . 

We would like to express our eternal gratitude for all of the support that you have and continue to give Floriography. We have a cheeky additional request of you, if you are a Floriography supporter, love our flowers and believe in what we do, please would you tell other people about us, word of mouth speaks volumes. Share photos and post our website please.

As usual if you have any questions, pm me, phone me, catch me for a chat… please just trust in your hearts that you will see and feel that flower energy and love from us as much, if not more. 

All the love xxx