Why I have to tell you about Valentines ordering now…

I want and intend to give you the best quality alternative choice of flowers at the best prices we can. Everything that could be connected to Valentines day will be will  be and at much higher prices – I will have to work harder to make sure that I research and order in advance to guarantee that I get access to the best stock at the best prices. I am not a big time buyer and even British stock and this time of year gets sent else where and so the little people need to work a bit harder to secure beautiful flowers and not compromise values of what it is all about especially here at Floriography.

As it gets closer to Valentines prices increase and the quality decreases- they rely on you ordering late, requesting the traditional rose bouquet and me selling you that and buying their sad and high priced stock and so the cycle continues.I don’t want to stay in this cycle and if you are going to make Valentines a thing then why not spend a little more time thinking about it. Why not make it about the love- the message you want to give someone- don’t these things take a little time. Don’t they deserve a little time?! So if you order by Saturday the 4th Feb it will be cheaper and you get more for your money- it just will be that way. I don’t make it so. It is so and I am sharing this with you. I also promote more days thinking and being ‘love’.

If you don’t go for the classic red rose, or even just classically romantic colours then it probably will also increase the quality of the flowers- and if you go for what the receiver loves then this is usually better anyway. Create your flower story- say what you want to say to them.  A single red rose growing in dappled light- that I will happily include in your love story.

Also we are a small little business family and this helps keeps prices down. If I was to cover seasonal demand with more staff we would not survive and I want to be creating most of these flower stories with friends (business and friendship can mix very well). If you tell me what you want i can plan and give things the love they deserve – We can achieve a lot with really tight planning in this little creative hub!

I also will be giving you some ideas that can last a little longer than just that day. I shall do that with a few less words so it’s a bit clearer cause sometimes i just say too much. Night x




Honesty. The way forward in 2017 with Floriography.

The love of 41 love days, of 41 beautiful couples, 82 amazing individuals – all in me. Not one couple becomes part of another couples love day. No blurs are very important. Always unique, always a different story, always about their love story. It’s massive. No wedding is just run of the mill. No two the same. There are some things I just don’t want to ever change. Here are just a few…

Tribute and remembrance work that has rested in my heart in such blessed ways. A depth of love. Of connection. A part of life that none of us know enough about to feel okay about . To share just a little of what scares us all but is real… it’s special.  Never to be taken for granted.

A range of community events, workshops, children’s activities, families, isolated people, older people… people and flowers. It’s been all these things and much more than words can say. Flowers do it better!

I feel more determined. More steadfast. More decided. More learned. Heart strong. More sure of what I want to lay ahead.  I stay well when I don’t fragment myself so Floriography has to stay true to what my heart and soul need to travel all these days. It’s risky, more exposing; an extension of me where any criticism constructive or not feels like a pin in my heart. But I can hold that much better than the hammer that will just kill my soul in a few hits if I were to compromise my ethos and beliefs.

I have been thinking and doing so much that I have not always had time to communicate as I would like to. I know that’s important. And it’s been making me a bit anxious. In order for me to be doing the things you seem to like well, we will be doing a little less of some of the other things. We want to create as much as we can ourselves, using as much natural and kind stuff as possible. This will mean a little stripping back and adding in different places.

I haven’t seen some of you as much as I’d like. I like to come along and create a few edges, add some layers. Love it all and you. This is important to me but there is so much to do when you run your own business…. and you are a control freak, which clearly I am. Maybe I can’t do as much as I think I should, and in the long run it isn’t helpful.  I am trying to address this by breaking up and organising my time a little differently. Times when I am available. Times when I am getting on with what I must do. I think really concentrating on doing what we do well and defining that a little more for you and for us is the way forward. We all need just a little more time. Both Alice and Amber work other jobs to pay bills and then do like full time jobs here.  Jan works here but gives at least a day for love and often more. A few others are also giving time for love, and without them it wouldn’t work – well it would – but not at the core of what it is meant to be. Their support never fades. I want to show I see that the pace has to be a little different so we get to be making, creating, exploring in ways we want to with a little less time-pressure. Maybe it won’t work like this but I am determined to try.

I want the layers to grow in 2017, showing you more deeply what is at the core of Floriography. The love. The creativity. The friendship. The choice to do this. The absolute love and dislike of the world. The languages flowers talk. The stories they tell. The depths they can go. Their healing abilities, magic, scents; their telling and seeing abilities. We want to celebrate the love of flowers…more…and how they can be used to help us be a little more like the person we want to be. We want to share with you a deeper sense of connection and understanding through flowers. We want to share and talk to you about the things and people, the hearts and souls in Floriography. The art, the music – the things that inspire us. We want you to feel warm and a little loved when you think of Floriography, but not ‘cause I say it ‘cause it is how it is. That’s the overall mission. To not think of it as a flower shop, but as a way of feeling.  That you are welcome without judgement – a place where you are seen. That you are part of something. We showed you glimpses of this in 2016, and this year we hope to grow these flower stories and connections with you.

Doing a newsletter each month wasn’t practical. So it will be quarterly but we will be blogging and using social media more often, sharing stuff with you that way. Look out for a little more flower story in the shop too.

Getting to the core of it all…  We want Floriography to be a celebration of what we can do of life in all its colours and forms. I am hoping you feel at least some of it. I hope you know none of this is taken for granted. Not one single bit of it. That I will keep doing my best. That it won’t stand still, but it won’t change so much that no one recognises it. Never. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what Floriography is and can be. With love. Always xxx

And thank you to all those who have held me up when I have felt like falling down. You should know who you are. Xxx

New Spring to Autumn Workshops at Floriography

Here is our list of flowery workshop offerings for spring, summer and autumn 2016. We hope there is something for everyone… but if you have your own idea for a flowery workshop you would like to do, please contact us.

You can book places at any of our workshops using the booking form link at the bottom of this post.Workshops at Floriography 2016-01Workshops at Floriography 2016-02Workshops at Floriography 2016-03FLORIOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS 2016

If you would like to book a place on any of our workshops, please use our booking form link here… Floriography Workshop Booking Form

You can also find out more about workshops on our website… Workshops with Floriography

Much flower love x

Winter Wreaths

Eternal hope and love…. Wreaths and wreath kits available from this weekend… all full of love… for buying now or ordering. Just be in touch if you’d like something.
We will be at BS4 Market on Sunday with ready-made wreaths and make your own wreath kits to buy, and also at Hillcrest school for a wreath making drop in… you can make your a mossy wreath with some dried bits and get some tips for adding treasures and findings to it…. much flower love xxx
Wreath list


Upcoming workshops at Floriography by Vera Fallacy

The workshops are going well – well that’s what you are saying and that’s what matters most to me. The next workshop (Tuesday 15th September) is fully booked and the wreath making workshop that I first planned is also fully booked, so the lovely Alice & Amber have scheduled a 2nd one for us to do and that’s on here too. If any of the remaining workshops get full-up and there are several of you still showing interest, I will try to run another date for you. If you want a specific workshop or flowery get together then we can also arrange something to suit you – just talk to us about your flowering ideas and requests…

…have a look at our updated workshops list;
Summer to Winter Workshops 2015
You can use our online form to book a place – or come in and see us, you are always welcome!

Much flower love,
Vera x

Workshops Poster september 2015

Committing to blogging is hard

I have written a load of bits and bobs- always sprawling words, often with some intention of sharing but I don’t for a whole host of reasons- I might blog about those reasons another time, I might not.  Pressing ‘publish’ is hard. I don’t even know if it’s necessary but I feel the need to try it so I am. I fear the fear will set in but ‘life is a ride to be enjoyed’- that is what I think most of the time.

The ride on one late June evening….Alice Stubbs, Amber Williams, Beks Vera Fallacy, Hollie, Smudge, Missy & Star.

Cutting grass, I love to cut grass. I don’t like others cutting my grass. I hate straight line grass cutting. Cutting grass, weeding and watering that’s where we started- at the basics, and the core of it. When doing these tasks you get to see what is new, what is happening and how things have changed. You get to take it all in – enjoy it, and feel like you are achieving things. Achieving things is important to me – it’s so easy to see a day go by and feel like I haven’t achieved anything. Simple things.

Cutting back that beautiful mallow. Amber had this role. Mallows are a favourite. Mallows mark a place of ‘home’. The word ‘home’ is a curious word- that sits in me- always wanting to create a little ‘home’ for people. ..’nesting’… trying to create little nests, havens…. like the Mallow.

Starting at the core allows time for ‘loving’, and when you get time for ‘loving’ then you feel like letting things go places. Amber got her camera out, Alice made good tea and tried to feed and clean our mini farm and I made a posy all from the garden. We got playing and exploring in all that light and colour.

We didn’t want to stop so when we went inside we carried on a little more- putting different bits of home with flowers, letting flowers make different homes.

We played with the flowers and they let us- like little fairies they got on board the ride… or did they carry us there. Who knows?! It was fun though. Then we watched Eastenders….. love it!