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On this page you will find 4 different order form links that look like Purple Buttons, have a browse through our offerings on this page before choosing which order form you need out of the following

  • Flowers & Cards – Healing Bouquet Arrangements of all sizes, Fresh and Dried Flowers all made bespoke to order by Vera Place an Order
  • Healing Shop – all the aromatherapy products, oils, flower readings and much much more Vera’s Healing Shop
  • Healing / Gift Packages – chose from a selection of healing pack bundles tailor made to order Gift / Healing Packs
  • Regular Flower deliveries & Gift Cards – perfect for self love or as a gift for someone else Regular Flower Delivery

~ Flowers & Cards ~

At the core of everything we do are the flowers and the love. We provide seasonal, beautiful, healing, natural and sustainable floral arrangements for all the feels in life, at prices that are inclusive of as many people as possible. We want to reach as many hearts with flowers as we can. You can buy Vera’s seasonal healing posy for £15 arranged with Vera’s choice of flowers, herbs and foliage including a mix of dry and fresh and will often be shorter stemmed and might be a little rounder in appearance. All the posies are different and a celebration of nature’s flower offerings and energies.

Vera’s Healing love-filled Bouquets start at £25. All are bespoke to order based upon your specific flower story (more story, more depth) and requests can be made for colours, shapes and some specifics if they are available. All these options as well as a selection of cards are easy to find on our online order form link. If you want to add any extra gifts to compliment the flowers then please visit “Vera’s Healing Shop” for a wonderful range of essential oils, aromatherapies, home made teas, candles, soaps, bath/massage oils and much much more. All can be gift wrapped if required; have a browse and feel free to ask us questions.

Our heart to heart flower lockets. One for you, and one for me… So we are ever connected, no matter where we are or how we feel. These heart to heart flower lockets are a mix of dry and fresh… More dried so you can keep them but with little touches of fresh. Can be made to your bespoke flower story and what you want then to represent. They start at £25 upwards. Basically you get two posies, pretty much the same, well nearly cause nature and humans are all a bit different too. You keep one and you give one to a friend, lover, family member or kindred soul. Please use flower order form to tell us your flower story and who the heart flower lockets are for, and Vera will make it bespoke to order

If you want to add any extra gifts to compliment the flowers then please visit “Vera’s Healing Shop” for a wonderful range of essential oils, aromatherapies, home made teas, candles, soaps, Bath/massage oils and much much more.

Please scroll below and browse our other offerings that maybe be suitable to accompany the flowers as a gift to yourself or others.

£10 Shower Bundles available bespoke to order. for cleansing, health, relaxation, protection. Hang them in the shower, or in a humid place… And let the smells drift over you and into you.

  • Small Jar Arrangement
  • Flowers and Gift Pouch
  • Eternal Love Bunch
  • Everlasting Hoops
  • Bespoke Bouquets
  • Circles of Hope
  • Aromatherapy Gift Packs

Circles Of Hope

A moss based ring, made all year round using seasonal flowers. Very traditional as “Christmas Wreaths” in the Winter. Vera makes them bespoke to order for all occasions.

If you already have the moss base, either from a Make your own kit or a bought Circle of hope, you can keep the moss alive with regular drinks of water by placing on a plate of water. You can buy a seasonal bundle of flowers to replenish your circle for £10-£15 depending on how much you would like.

Example only

Bespoke to Order

Small hoop £15 – £25

Large hoop £30 – £50

Price varies depending on flower story, so give us much detail as you can on order form

~ Vera’s Healing Shop ~

In the healing shop you will find a range of products, and a few Vera things, that I believe compliment, and even amplify the beautiful healing energy of flowers, or are made with or from floral and herbal magic.

There is something for all the senses, all the feels, and a little of what I think and feel might be needed. Most items have a practical function, as well as in my opinion, having natural healing qualities; all locally made and full of things that bring us closer to nature. And I believe that can only be healing in modern society. I’d use all of these things, and I’m happy to give a bit of guidance if you are not sure what’s needed for you, or the heart you are gifting. I’m not suggesting these things can make everything better, no, but I do absolutely believe flowers and herbs, in all their stages of life, really are the very best conductors of love and healing. You can make up your own healing gifts using the Floriography motto;

‘flowers are energy and energy is love “. 

If you would like flowers to accompany these items it is best to fill in the flower order form first so that you do not need to fill in your delivery/collection details in twice; a link to these items can be found at the end of the flowers order form.  The link here gives you the chance to browse, and / or order in all the additional ways Flower Energy comes in to Floriography. We are always in touch to confirm your order too. So, if you need more info there is always the opportunity to discuss it then. 

  • Essential Oils / Blends
  • Oil Burners
  • Candles
  • Vera’s Teas & Bath Blends
  • Soaps
  • Bath / Massage Oils
  • Body Butter
  • Hand Creams
  • Vegan Deodorant
  • Clay Masks
  • Natural Confetti / Pot Pourri
  • Himalayan Salt Pouches
  • Roll on blends
  • Jewellery
  • Vera’s Witchy things

~ Healing Packages & Gift Bundles ~

We offer a range of unique ‘Flowers Are Energy’ Healing/Gift Packs. Remember, it is okay to gift yourself too! We change these to reflect the seasons, and the things we feel in individual, and collective energies we receive. 
We try to have something for all the different feelings, and emotional states that flowers can help to hold, acknowledge, celebrate, and provide comfort in.
All of our healing/ gift packs have flowers as the starting place, the core of it all, and then you have natural products and treasures of the heart, to add some extra flower magic. 
Even our gift packs are all a bit different, cause the flowers are always a bit different, and we are guided by them and their magical qualities. If you prefer you can use Vera’s healing shop and add your own extras to your flowers. 
All have personal touches, and are presented as gifts. If you can’t see what you’d like here, or are not sure which one, just tell us the story and we can do that bit for you. The more you give us in your flower story, the more your flowers and then your healing/gift pack will be full of the intentions meant or needed. 

Flower blessings, Vera xx

“Spirituali-Tea” Pack £35

  • A Mix of Dry and Fresh Flowers
  • 2 x Healing Tea Bags
  • Tea Light Holder and Candle

£25 Gift Packs

  • Healing Flowers
  • Offerings change seasonally & Promoted via Instagram & FB, go to order form to see current offer

£30 Gift Pack

  • Healing flowers
  • A choice of:
    • Essential Oils / Blends
    • Margaret May Soap
  • A choice of:
    • Incense Sticks
    • A Healing Dried Flower Pouch

£45 Gift Pack

  • Healing Flowers
  • Essential Oil
  • A Margaret May Soap
  • A Pack of Incense Sticks
  • A Dried Healing Flower Pouch

These packages could be for healing, protection, love, strength, encouragement, gratitude, uplifting, grounding or for remembrance, cleansing, celebrating, blessing and hoping. All packages come with a list of flower meanings and healing properties. Tell Vera a little from your heart your truth/intention for the receiver whether it is for yourself or someone else. Your energy and the flower energy will guide Vera to put together a unique package using natural products. Or Visit our online healing shop to chose your own products to make up a Healing package / Gift set.

Pictures Here are just examples of bouquets made in Spring 2021

~ Regular Flower Deliveries & Gift Cards ~

Whether a treat for yourself or a gift for someone else, you can sign up to a regular flower deliver of a unique surprise mix of seasonal flowers created by Vera, or a Healing pack with flowers and aromatherapy products either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We also do gift cards too !